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Attention Operators & Commercial Venues

Garlando Coin Operated Football Tables have been at the pinnacle of coin operated products in the UK for 50 years.

Pubs, Clubs, Snooker Rooms, Family Amusement Centres, Students Unions and Youth and Community Centres have all benefitted from Garlando football tables traffic building capabilities and profitable operation.

Whether the cost to play a game is from10p to a £1 then the Garlando table fitted with the Essex 6 Coin Mechanism can suit every location. If on the other hand you want to offer free play then we can adjust the mechanism to suit.

 Coin Mechanisms for football tables are not guaranteed as they are meant for commercial locations and can be subject to abuse. We will of course help talk through any problems you may have with the mechanisms

The Toughened Glass top tables are the most popular in Commercial locations because the balls are completely encapsulated in the table - so those balls don’t go missing and the playfield stays clean.

The tables are completely mechanical which means next to no service issues. Just keep the table clean and watch the profits roll in on a product that has a 15 year + lifespan.

Telescopic rods mean no health and safety issues either – so just let the table work for you.

Garlando’s 1 year warranty plus access to the complete range of spares and accessories means little or no downtime. The table keeps on earning!

Businesses registered for VAT can also offset the 20% vat that is included in all advertised prices.

Discounts for more than 2 tables are available

Contact us today on 0161 477 6691 for commercial buyers price specials and to discuss your Coin Operated table requirements