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Buyers Guide

Which Football Table Should I buy?

Due to the full and comprehensive range of Garlando Football tables that we offer it can sometimes be difficult in deciding which table is best for your needs.

Below are some details to consider when selecting your table. If you require any further advice please feel free to call us and we will be happy to advise.

We do not consider our football tables as toys. We do sell a range of semi professional tables and all our other tables are professional quality. If you just want a budget table as a toy for a child to spin and play with then it may be best to buy cheaper from another site. Please do read on though as there as some important things to look out for when buying a table.


All the tables we sell are extremely sturdy and well built. They all come with either solid wooden legs or steel legs as standard. This is an important feature when buying a table as it will ensure the table remains steady and safe for many years. A lot of other Chinese tables on the web have hollow wooden or plastic legs and we would always recommend avoiding these at all costs.


All our football tables are made from durable hardwearing wood. We always use strong MDF or plywood and none of the Garlando tables are manufactured from cheaper chipboard material. This means that all our cabinets are strong and of solid construction. If you are a larger person or your table will be getting lots of use a heavier cabinet may be recommended as lightweight cabinets may tend to move or rock as you throw your weight against it. A table over 65kg is recommended.


It is important that you select the correct type of rods for your football table. The majority of our tables have telescopic rods in them. We do however have some tables with solid rods. Please consider this before purchasing.

Telescopic Rods

They do not pass through the other side of the cabinet when pushed in. Telescopic rods are therefore an excellent option when young children will be around the football table as they avoid the risk of an accident. They are also highly recommended if your table will be played in a public arena to avoid the possibility of an accident.

Solid Rods

Preferred by the serious player these rods pass through the outside of the cabinet when pushed in. They come as standard on the ITSF World champion table and other similar models. Not recommended if young children will be playing the table. All our rods run through the cabinets on nylon bearings. This means that unlike lots of other tables on the market you will have long lasting rods that produce the smoothest play possible.

Room Size

The size of the room required for one of our football tables can vary. It is important to remember when planning the room that the handles of the table will stick out from the cabinet. It is recommended that for a full size football table the playing area should be at least 8 foot by 8 foot. If you are unsure please feel free to call us for advice.

Table Size

Professional table's sizes are usually 152x82x46cm. Please check the size of table you like to make sure it will be OK. If small children will be playing on the table it may be worth considering our F1 table or the G100 table as it can be adjusted in height which may be a benefit.

Playing Surface

A thicker playing surface is ideally recommended. All Garlando tables have a thick surface. Watch out for tables with thin surfaces that will tend to bow under pressure. Also beware of tables with clear glass playing surfaces as these pitches are just to smooth and you will struggle to control the ball. We would highly recommend a table with either a laminated pitch or sand-blasted glass pitch such as the G5000 for extra control. The sand blasted pitches come as standard on the ITSF World Champion table, all coin operated tables, the G5000, and the Master Champion.